Products Backed By Science

Sycamore Lane products are designed to help people offset CO² emissions for the duration of their average lifetime on our beautiful planet. Below is the science and the facts to support our calculations that 1800 mangrove trees is sufficient to offset the entire CO² emissions for the lifespan of an average European. According to the World Bank, the average European emits 6.5 tonnes of CO² on an annual basis. According to Eurostat, the average life expectancy in Europe is 78.5 years for males and 84 years for females, with an overall average of 81.25 years.

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Sycamore Lane calculates that average emissions of 6.5 tonnes over an average 81.25 year life expectancy equates to 528.125 tonnes or 528,125kgs CO². According to Eden Projects, a mangrove tree absorbs 308kg of CO² over its lifespan. Sycamore Lane calculates that 1715 mangrove trees are required to absorb 528,125kg of CO². However, we make an allowance of approximately 5% and plant an additional 85 trees to change the status of the carbon offset from carbon neutral to carbon positive. The additional 85 trees results in a total of 1800 trees planted to achieve Lifetime Eco Friendly Evergreen status.