Why We Plant Trees

Trees For People

Trees purify our water, produce oxygen for us to breathe, remove harmful pollutants from the air, and cool our environment. They help sustain our economy, provide us with medicines, and improve our mental health.

Trees For Planet

Trees recycle nutrients into the soil and protect it from erosion. They create ecosystems for carbon capture and carbon storage, and provide habitats for fauna, wildlife, and insects to thrive.

Scientific Warnings

Scientists have issued multiple warnings that carbon dioxide emissions are the biggest cause of global warming and an existential threat to life on our planet. Studies conducted by the United Nations paint a dire picture of irreversible damage to the planet if the problem is not addressed within 10 years. Scientists also warn of accelerated species extinction in the coming decades as ecosystems collapse. 

Climate Change Clocks...Tick Tock!

Life Is So Stark When You See The Scars. The Time For Action Is NOW!

Be The Change

Everyone has a responsibility as custodians of the planet to conserve our ecosystems for future generations and to take the necessary steps now. By planting trees, we can all be the change we want to see! 

Planting trees is the simplest and most cost-effective way to offset and remove carbon from the atmosphere.