Lifetime Affiliate Program

If you are passionate about mitigating the effects of climate change, you are the perfect candidate for our Lifetime Eco Friendly referral program.

Join the team and become part of a community that is creating a positive environmental impact by influencing individuals and businesses to plant trees and offset carbon emissions. Under our Lifetime Eco Friendly referral program, you will earn 10% commission from every sale that comes direct from your link for the lifetime of the individual or corporate customer you refer.

Perks Of The Program

  • 10% Commission for Lifetime of the Customer
  • Mix of B2C and B2B products to Promote
  • Influence Your own Forest
  • Earn Income Being a Climate Champion
  • Your Referrals Create Jobs Planting Trees in Less Developed Countries
  • Engage Your Followers by Becoming a Lifetime Eco Friendly Affiliate
  • Leave a Positive Environmental Legacy for People and Planet

Join The Program


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