Evergreen Instant


Leave a climate positive legacy for the planet by planting trees based on a generalized life expectancy of 81 years...if you live in Europe.

Based on World Bank calculations, the average CO² emissions for a person living in Europe is 6.5 tonne per annum. This enduring gift will plant 1,800 trees (1.8 hectares / 4.44 acres) and provide 18 days of employment for local people. 

If you believe you have a carbon footprint greater than the European average, the Evergreen Plus option offsets 7.8 tonnes or 20% more CO² emissions per annum and plants 2,160 trees (2.16 hectares / 5.33 acres) and provide 21 days of employment for local people. 

In doing so, you will have achieved a Lifetime Eco Friendly Evergreen status.