Offset Your Lifetime Carbon Emissions

We Help Individuals and Businesses to Offset Lifetime Carbon Emissions by Planting Trees and Supporting Certified Carbon Offset Projects.

Our Lifetime Climate Friendly Evergreen Products Give you Comfort That Your Life's Carbon Emissions Have Been Offset and you Leave a Positive Environmental Impact as a Reflection of the Landscape of Your Life on This Planet.

Personalised Certification is Awarded When you Achieve Evergreen Status.

Become Lifetime Climate Friendly For €0.20 Per Day

Lifetime Climate Friendly Evergreen

Offset Your Lifetime Carbon Footprint in one Transaction or Spread the Cost Over a Timeframe That Suits you to Become Lifetime Climate Friendly Evergreen.

When you Purchase our Products you are Contributing to the Restoration of Forest Ecosystems and the Protection of Endangered Species. You are Cooling the Climate and Having a Positive Impact on People's Lives.

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4 Trees Planted For Every €1 You Spend On Tree Planting Products

Every 100 Trees Planted Creates 1.5 Days of Fair Wage Employment For Local People From Impoverished Communities in Less Developed Countries

Carbon Offset Plan For Music Industry

Performing Artists, Bands, Music Artists, Concert Promoters, Record Companies, and Music Industry Management Companies can Offset Carbon Emissions From Concert Tours and Live Performances, or Allocate a Portion of Revenue From Song or Album Royalties by Taking out a Symphony Plan to Plant Trees and Offset Carbon Emissions on a Monthly Subscription or a one-off Basis.

Plant Trees in Your Song Garden to Create a Positive Environmental Legacy That Resonates With the Planet in Rural Symphony.

Why We Plant Trees

Carbon Dioxide Emissions are the Biggest Cause of Global Warming and an Existential Threat to Life on our Planet.

Studied Conducted by the United Nations Paint a Dire Picture of Irreversible Damage to the Planet if the Problem is not Addressed Within 10 Years.

Scientists Also Warn of Accelerated Species Extinction in the Coming Decades as Ecosystems Collapse.

Everyone has a Responsibility as Custodians of the Planet to Conserve our Ecosystems for Future Generations and to Take the Necessary Steps now. Be the Change you Want to see.

Planting Trees is the Simplest and Most Cost Efficient way to Offset and Remove Carbon From the Atmosphere.

Planting Trees For Every Little Moment Moments Last Forever.

Celebrate Milestones, Occasions, and Special Moments in Life in Sustainable and Meaningful Ways That are Kind to People and the Planet.

Planting Trees as a Gift to Friends and Family Really is the Gift That Keeps on Giving.

Tree Gift Themes for Every Little Moment are Based on Original Sycamore Lane Song Lyrics.

Climate Change Clocks...Tick Tock!

Life Is So Stark When You See The Scars. The Time For Action Is NOW!

Tree Planting Partnership

We Have Partnered With Non Governmental Organization Eden Reforestation to Plant Trees in Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Haiti, Indonesia, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Nepal.

Eden’s Creates Livelihoods For Millions of People Living in Extreme Poverty by Empowering Them to Restore and Protect Forests on a Massive Scale.

Transparency Window

Trust and Transparency are Fundamental to the Achievement of our Environmental Purpose, so we Send our Customers a Monthly Transparency Window to Evidence our Impact. We Provide Supporting Evidence of Tree Planting Receipts and Certificates Relating to the Purchase of Carbon Credits. In Addition, we Also Publish Financial Reports at the end of our Financial Year.

For an Extra Layer of Comfort, we Partner With World Class Non-Governmental Organizations Which are Subject to Strict Regulatory Requirements. Eden Reforestation Projects is Trusted by World Leading Tree Planting Organizations to Plant Trees on Their Behalf, While Carbon Offset Projects Offered By Gold Standard and the United Nations are Verified, and Third Party Audited to the Highest Standards to Meet Demanding Criteria set by the Schemes.

Our Impact Is Growing

Sycamore Lane

Song Garden

We are Committed to Operating the Sycamore Lane Business as a Force for Good and to Offer our Customers Value with Values. Consequently, our Business Model is Purposely and Passionately Fused With our Environmental Initiative…the Song Garden.

We Offer a Range of Original Sycamore Lane Song Lyric Digital Gifts and e-Books and use the Profit Generated From the Songs to Plant More Trees. The First of 25 Song Garden Books - Seasons Of My Heart, is now Available. We Plant 72 Trees With Every Purchase, Which is Sufficient to Offset More Than 3 Years Carbon Emissions for an Average European.

Offset Your Carbon Emissions by Planting Trees in the Song Garden.